SWAROVISION maximum colour fidelity

Optimised coating for lifelike colours

  • Enhanced lens and prism coatings

  • SWARODUR, SWAROTOP and SWAROBRIGHT give noticeably better colour reproduction combined with even greater transmission

  • SWAROCLEAN ensures a non-stick effect, making it easier to clean

  • More impressive experiences while observing, even at twilight

  • Swarobright

    ...is an innovative coating technology, enabling specific control firstly of the reflected light and thereby the colour properties. For you, this means: Binoculars with the best colour fidelity and maximum light transparency. To achieve this unique result, over thirty coats of extreme thinness are applied to the prisms in an elaborate process.

  • Swarotop & Swarodur

    ...was developed by Swarovski Optik and is a multi-layered wide-band coating. This combines mechanical durability of the conventional simple coating with excellent transmission. To achieve this, the glass surfaces of the lenses and prisms are vaporized with extremely thin and reflection-minimizing coatings. In this way, the surface reflection, which normally amounts to 4-6%, is reduced to 0.2% over the entire light-wave spectrum! The result: visibly brighter images with richer contrast.

  • Swaroclean

    ...is a coating that reduces the intensity present on the surface of the outer lenses. This makes the cleaning of objective and eyepiece lenses considerably easy, most of all dried mineral residue (e.g. water marks), insect repellents and tree resin. The lenses require less intensive cleaning, thereby significantly prolonging the service life of optical products.